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UMM CNC Horizontal Heavy Duty Milling Machine Inquiry

> UMM Floor Type Powerful Cnc Milling Machine

  • Features:


    • Fixed table with maximized loading capacity.
    • Z-axis is a square ram type with 8 surfaces binding and powerful milling head.
    • For deep hole mold machining, a flange type long nose spindle is available.
    • For 3D fine machining on a mold, a square ram type spindle head with 4 linear guideways is available.
    • X-axis is mounted with 4 roller type linear guideways. Y-axis is mounted with two roller type linear guideways at front and two at back.
  • MODEL UNIT UMM-2216F UMM-2616F UMM-3216F UMM-4216F UMM-5216F UMM-6216F
    TABLE Table Size mm 2000X1400 2400X1400 3000X1400 4000X1400 5000X4000 6000X4000
    T Slot mm 24
    Maximum Load kg 30000 35000 40000 45000 50000 55000
    TRAVEL X Axis mm 2200 2600 3200 4200 5200 6200
    Y Axis mm 1600(2000)
    Z Axis mm 600(800)
    SPINDLE Speed rpm 6000(4000)
    Taper   7/24 Taper ISO.50, BT-50
    DISTANCES Spindle Center to Table Surface mm 250-1850(250-2250)
    Spindle Nose to Table Center mm 200-800(0-800)
    Height From Ground to Table Surface mm 1270
    FEED RATE Rapid Feed Rate X/Y/Z m/min 10
    Minimum Setting mm/min 0.001
    Cutting Feed Rate mm/min 1-5000
    Motor Spindle Servo Motor-cont./ 30min. kW 22/26
    Axes X/Y/Z kW 39176
    Lubricator Motor kW 0.15
    Hydraulic Pump kW 2.25
    Coolant Pump kW 1.17
    Chip Conveyor kW 0.2
    Oil Cooling Pump kW 0.75
    ATC No. of Tools pieces (24、32、40、60)
    Tool Selection   Absolute
    Tool Change Time
    (approx.) (T to T)
    Sec. 15
    Max. Tool-Diameter/Length mm Ø125/Ø250(Without Adjacent Tool)/ Length 400
    Max. Tool Weight kg 25
    COOLANT &LUBRICATION Coolant Tank Volume L 450
    Hydraulic Tank Volume L 80
    Lubication Tank Volume L 8
    MISCELLANEOUS Power Required kVA 55
    Pressurized Air kg/cm² 6
    Machine Weight ton   34        
  • standard accessories:

    1. Spindle oil cooler
    2. Automatic power off
    3. Hydraulic system
    4. Coolant system
    5. Lubricator system
    6. Alarm lamp
    7. Work lamp
    8. M.P.G.
    9. RS232 interface
    10. Heat exchanger
    11. Chip conveyor and cart
    12. Leveling bolts & pads
    13. Controller manuals and circuit diagram
    14. Operation manuals
    15. Machine inspection lists
    16. Toolbox with spanners & wrenches
    17. FANUC 0i-MF
    18. Splash guards (around the operator and work table)

    optional accessories:

    1. Y-axis travel:2000 mm
    2. Z-axis travel:800 mm
    3. Linear scale on X, Y, Z axes
    4. ATC: 24, 32, 40, 60 Tools
    5. Spindle speed:6000 rpm
    6. Air conditioner at cabinet
    7. Coolant through spindle
    8. Full Guarding

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