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  • Features:

    • Delicate design and extremely smooth operation.
    • Inherit Japanese tradition of boring and milling machines to achieve high precision boring.
    • Especially ideal for small volume large variety production where high machining accuracy is required.
    • Suitable for high precision machining for box shaped parts.
  • MODEL UNIT UBM-8514 UBM-8516 UBM-8520
    TABLE Table Size mm 800X1100 800X1400
    T-Slots mm 20X7 20X7
    Maximum Load kg 1500 2000
    TRAVEL X Axis mm 1400 1600 2000
    Y Axis mm 1200(1400) 1400(1700)
    Z Axis mm 1000 1200(1400)
    SPINDLE Speed rpm 1500
    Taper   NT-50 (BT-50)
    DISTANCES Spindle Center to Table mm 0-1200(0-1400) 0-1400(0-1700)
    Spindle Nose to Table Center mm 208-1208 300-1500
    Height from ground to table surface mm 926
    FEED RATE X,Y,Z Axis 12 Steps Cutting Speed-60/50Hz mm /min 28-875/23-730
    Z Axis 12 Steps Boring Speed-60/50Hz mm/rev 0.028-0.875/0.023-0.73
    X,Y,Z Axis Rapid Speed-60/50Hz m/min 2.8/2.4
    MOTOR Main Motor kW  5.5x4P(6P)/[7.5x4P(6P)] 7.5x4P(6P)
    Auto Feed Gear Box Motor kW  0.75x4P
    Centralized Lubrication Motor kW  0.025
    Transmission Motor kW  1.5x4P
    Cutting Coolant Motor kW  0.1x4P
    MISCELLANEOUS Machine Weight(approx.) kg 7200 10500
  • standard accessories:

    1. Hydraulic pump
    2. Lubrication system(for 3 axes guide ways)
    3. Adjusting tools kit
    4. Linear scale & display
    5. Air clamping device
    6. Tapping (with tapping head)

    optional accessories:

    1. Various rotary tables are available
      (600x600x72D/600x600x360D/700x700x72D/ 700x700x360D/800x800x72D/800x800x360D)
    2. Spindle motor 10HP(UBM-8514/8516)
    3. Spindle speed 30-1000rpm(with 6P motor)

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